Known & Grown is a farmer-led program that provides mentorship, networking opportunities, farm-to-market assistance, and collaborations to reduce farm costs and help farmers succeed.

Delivery Services for Farmers

We offer transportation assistance to farmers within 200 miles of St Louis. We facilitate pick up, refrigerated transport, and delivery of farm products directly from farms to buyers in the St Louis region. Farmers do no need to be a part of the Known & Grown program to utilize this service. Priority will be given to historically underserved farmers and buyers in low-access areas. See our Guidelines for using this service. Email us to request delivery or ask questions about the delivery service.

Farm-to-Market Assistance

We provide connections and resources for the farmers in our program and our partners in the local food industry in order to increase the amount of local food sold and served within the St. Louis region. 

Farmer Advisory Committee

In 2020, Known & Grown formed a Farmer Advisory Committee (FAC) to formalize farmer leadership in program work and decision making. Our FAC consists of 10 farmers that represent the diverse range of perspectives of our entire membership.   

Farmer Networking

Farmers say one of the main reasons for joining our program is that they want the opportunity to network with other like minded farmers to share resources, troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm solutions. The Known & Grown community is built on the principles of trust, integrity, respect, community empowerment, and collaboration. Our farmers are expected to adhere to a set of Community Guidelines. Known & Grown facilitates virtual and in-person opportunities for farmers to network including on-farm tours and an annual gathering of farmers.

Mentorship Program

In 2021, Known & Grown STL launched a Mentorship Program for beginning and traditionally disadvantaged farmers seeking to improve or expand their environmentally-responsible practices and remove barriers for successful farming. Our three mentees — MOshrooms Regenerative Microfarm, Rustic Roots Sanctuary, and Tara’s Herbs — received tailored guidance and assistance from our Farm Specialist, Chris Wimmer. We hope to relaunch this project in the future. Our goal is to pair experienced Known & Grown member farmers with mentees and to assist farmers in implementing new conservation practices on their farm.

Community Guidelines

The Known & Grown community is built on the the principles of trust, integrity, respect, community empowerment, and collaboration. All farmers in our program agree to follow these guidelines. In the event that a farmer is breaking these guidelines, a Community Guidelines Violation can be submitted.