Known & Grown STL works to build a resilient food community by supporting and spreading awareness about humane and chemical-free farmers within 150 miles of St. Louis.

Making Resilient Communities

We’re working to improve the St Louis foodshed for everyone. We work to support our local, sustainable farmers, educate consumers about the benefits of knowing where your food comes from, and improve access to healthy foods across the region.


Our Work

Our work is centered around supporting environmentally-conscious farmers and educating consumers in order to build a resilient food system.

Our Supporters

Known & Grown is supported by the generosity of the following funders as well as by individuals like you.

Our Impact

0 environmentally conscious farms in Known and Grown.
0 % more profitable than conventional farms. (NIH 2018)
0 % reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from environmentally conscious farms. (Rodale Institute, 2020)

On the Blog

Now Accepting Applications!

Now Accepting Applications!

Known & Grown is currently accepting application for our 2023 Microgrants. Historically underserved farmers are integral to a resilient and equitable food community. However they face many barriers to success in adopting good environmental practices and running a farming business in general. Known & Grown STL is awarding 3 microgrants of up to $1000 each…

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2023 Farmers Market Guide

2023 Farmers Market Guide

Farmers market season is upon us! Check out all the great markets in the greater St Louis region that support Known & Grown farmers! So break out your reusable shopping and produce bags and head to your nearest market. Many farmers markets have already opened in April while others will be opening soon in May….

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