Known & Grown is committed to helping environmentally-responsible farmers within the foodshed thrive.

We provide marketing and resources for environmentally-responsible farmers within 150 miles of St. Louis. Our farmers protect our environment, treat animals humanely, provide fresh, nutritious food to consumers and institutional buyers, and help the St. Louis Foodshed deepen its impact.

Benefits of Joining

  • A page on our website
  • Social media promotion
  • Marketing tools
  • Meet and learn from other farmers
  • Growing resources
  • Help expanding into new markets

How to Join

Our program is free of charge to farmers, and becoming a Known & Grown Farmer is easy.

  1. Read our Mission page, including our Anti-Racism Statement.
  2. Complete our farmer application.
  3. Submit our Community Guidelines agreement.
  4. Complete a site visit with our Farming Specialist.
  5. Join the Known & Grown Network.
  6. Promote your Known & Grown designation.