“We’re a small family farm that raises Animal-Welfare-Approved and Grass-fed certified sheep and goats.”

We love our animals and treating them ethically is our greatest priority.  We name them; we pet them; we hand-feed them cantaloupe.  They have never been given any type of hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, and their pastures have never been sprayed, planted, or treated. They have a valley of woods to bed down in, and their water comes from our well.  It is important for us to know exactly what we’re eating, and we believe our customers feel the same way.  There is a great deal of pride that goes along with offering a product that is not only delicious and healthy, but also the highest quality of meat possible.  We think it’s the way things should be.

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460 McDuffee Lane, Anna, IL, 62906

Visiting Hours

Tours available by appointment. Email info@theflockfarm.com for more information. 

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Carbondale Community Farmers Market (an indoor winter market)

1237 E Main St, Carbondale, IL

Saturdays from Dec-March 10am-1pm

The Farmers Market of Carbondale

2001 W. Main St, Carbondale, IL

Saturdays from Apr-Nov 8am-12pm

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More About our Farm

Farm Size

We own 20 acres and have access to an additional 15 acres of pasture and 30 acres of woods.

Herd Size

  • 45 ewes
  • 12 goats
  • 100 broiler chickens
  • 12 egg-laying chickens

Animal Feed

Sheep: pasture supplemented with free-choice minerals and hay (winter)

Goats: Pasture supplemented with free-choice minerals and hay (winter)

Chickens: Pastured supplemented with non-GMO feed

Animal Rotation

All animals: Approximately twice per week

Conservation Practices

  • Grazing Management Plan
  • Field border
  • Nutrient Management Plan

Additional Practices

Goats are allowed to naturally wean their kids

Ewes are allowed to naturally wean their lambs

This farm meets our standards for the Golden Beet – our designation for excellence for exceptional Known & Grown farms.