Our Purpose

Known and Grown promotes and supports the work of food producers and retailers who improve our food system, educates residents about food choices, and shifts behavior to create a thriving, equitable, and sustainable local food system.

What We Offer

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We celebrate environmentally-responsible, local food products and producers.

Financial Stability and Growth

We help promote those who farm, produce, and sell local food.


We help food entrepreneurs and existing businesses create local jobs.


We help the general public and low-access communities learn about local food.

Our Standards

Known and Grown is committed to helping environmentally-responsible farmers within our foodshed thrive. Farmers in our program don’t use synthetic chemicals on their crops or pasture, and animals are not confined. 

Known and Grown farmers are committed to protecting our environment, treating animals humanely, providing fresh, nutritious food to consumers, and building a more resilient food system for all of us.

What We Do

Known & Grown is a farmer-led program that provides mentorship, networking opportunities, farm-to-market assistance, and collaborations to reduce farm costs and help farmers succeed. Our programs, services, and initiatives have the power to improve the lives of our regional farmers while building a resilient and equitable food system.