Heru Urban Farming

Our mission is to make healthy, sustainably grown, quality, and organic produce and medicinal herbs available to everyone, while working both for and with our community. 

We strive to reverse the overwhelming amount of food deserts and food apartheids in the community, in order to create an atmosphere in St. Louis that encourages a healthier lifestyle for generations to come. Heru Urban Farming aims to create a healthier environment by educating on the importance of organic and non-GMO foods, which you can grow right from your own backyard. This is done in a way that optimizes both the sustainability and respect to nature and traditional practices.

Learn more about Tyrean of Heru Urban Farming by listening to this Earthworms podcast with Jean Ponzi on KDHX and by reading more about him here:




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5257 Maffitt ave 63113

Visiting Hours

Tuesday-Friday 11-7

Saturday 9-5

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Heru’s Urban Farming & Garden

5257 Maffitt Ave

Mon-Fri 4-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am-4pm

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More About our Farm

Farm Size

Total of 1/2 acre, split between two plots


  • Produce
    • Melons
    • Kale
    • Collards
    • Tomatoes
    • Cantaloupe
    • Okra
    • Peas (purple hull)

Conservation Practices

Conservation crop rotation


No spray

No-till practices

Soil testing

Integrated pest management

Pollinator enhancement plan

Additional Practices

Organic seeds

Training for neighborhood kids

Dense planting to avoid bare soil

Hand-pulling weeds

Hand-picking pests