“Coriander Fields is a family farm dedicated to raising animals on pasture.”

Our chickens are raised with care and respect; given free access to pasture where they can run, scratch the earth, stretch their wings, and catch all the grasshoppers they want. They also receive a GMO-free grain ration. The results are healthy birds which make healthy, flavorful meat that “tastes like chicken” with a firm, yet tender texture you can’t find at the grocery store.“ Managing Coriander Fields is a family affair as our three sons are alongside us every day collecting eggs, moving the animals and checking fences. Even our youngest’s first word was “bok-bok” instead of “ma-ma” or “da-da”.

You’ll taste the difference that our high-standards produce. All of our animals are fed with all natural non-gmo feeds and cared for at the highest levels of animal welfare standards. We’re proud to be your farmers and bring the best of regenerative agriculture to the Edwardsville area.

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Dorsey, IL 62021

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Occasional open houses are available for guests – sign up for our newletter for details! 

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Mindy and Edward Cory


(618) 960-6489


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More about our Farm

Farm Size

6 acres, 3 of which are devoted to rotating livestock


  • Pasture-raised Eggs
  • Pastured Chicken
  • Pastured Turkey
  • Grass-finished Lamb

Herd Size

  • 4 batches of 350 broiler chickens during the warm months
  • 70 egg-laying chickens

Animal Feed

Chickens: forage on pasture with supplemental, non-GMO feed

Turkey: forage on pasture with supplemental, no-GMO feed

Sheep: forage and finished on pasture


Broiler chickens: moved daily

Egg laying chickens: moved weekly



Conservation Practices

  • No synthetic chemicals on pasture
  • Integrated pest management
  • Nutrient management plan
  • Field border
  • Grazing management plan
  • No antibiotics, parasitides. and other farm drugs for non-therapeutic reasons
  • No synthetic growth promotants or added hormones
  • No GMO feed
  • No debeaking chickens

Additional Practices

  • Heritage breed chickens for egg production
  • Daily rotation on pasture for broiler chickens