“We feature tender 100% grassfed beef without using antibiotics, hormones, insecticides or herbicides.”

We pamper the billions of biota in the soil by keeping the soil surface covered with organic matter, primarily uneaten grass, which breaks down to provide their food. The healthy soil life then provides nourishment to the roots of grass and legumes such as clover. The grass/legumes flourish from this nourishment and from the collection of solar energy. They then provide a nourishing meal for our cattle which provide great nourishment for you.

First time customers will receive $2 off their first pound of our ground beef, along with a free sample of our all-beef snack sticks. To take advantage of this offer, new customers should go to our website, look over the price list and create an order by emailing us or calling our home phone number. Check the “contact us” section to the right for contact info.

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11237 N McDonald Rd, Centralia MO 65240

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Buy direct from Covered-L Farms. They currently deliver every other month in Manchester and Fenton.

Clovers Natural Markets

2012 East Broadway

Columbia, MO 65201

Mon-Sat 9am–9pm

Sun 11am–6pm

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Steve Landers




More about our Farm

Farm Size

171 acres, plus 20 that are not owned by Covered L Farms


  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork

Herd Size

  • 60 head of cattle

Animal Feed

Cattle are 100% grass fed


Cattle are moved daily

Conservation Practices

  • No synthetic chemicals on pasture
  • Integrated pest management
  • Nutrient management plan
  • Riparian herbaceous cover
  • Field border
  • Fence animals out of waterways
  • Grazing management plan
  • No antibiotics,
    parasiticides, and other
    farm drugs for non
    therapeutic reasons
  • No synthetic growth promotants or added hormones

Additional Practices

  • Cattle are not de-horned
  • no prods are used when transporting them to slaughter