“The way nature intended.”

We started The Stull Farm in 2019 with the idea of raising healthy meat in the most natural way possible. Our animals are raised on pasture without antibiotics or harmful chemicals added to the environment. We build a small ecosystem by incorporating different types of animals to help control pests and weeds. The animals all love to forage for grasses, roots, and bugs. Every year we strive to improve the soil and, in the process, the health of our livestock. Raising our animals in a more natural way makes a difference that you can both see and taste!

We are currently only selling pork cuts, but we plan to offer lamb and goat as our herds grow and mature.

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1443 Farmside Dr Foristell, MO 63348

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PJ Stull


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More about our Farm

Farm Size

206 acres

Herd Size

  • Hogs: 13
  • Cattle: 7
  • Sheep: 15
  • Goats:19
  • Chickens: 50
  • Ducks: 3
  • Turkey: 4
  • Geese: 2


  • Pork

Animal Feed

  • Pigs: pasture supplemented with conventional feed
  • Cattle: pasture supplemented with hay
  • Sheep and Goats: pasture
  • Chickens, Ducks, Turkey, and Geese: pasture supplemented with conventional feed

Animal Rotation

  • Hogs: rotated weekly, silvopasture (access to forest ground during rotation)
  • Cattle: rotated every 2 weeks
  • Sheep: rotated every 2 weeks with cattle
  • Goats: free-range silvopasture
  • Chickens: free-range
  • Ducks: free-range
  • Turkey: rotated to pasture following the cattle and sheep
  • Geese: free-range

Conservation Practices

  • Permanent wildlife habitat
  • Heritage breeds
  • Alternative energy: solar fencing
  • On-farm composting
  • Silvopasture
  • Nutrient Management Plan
  • Intensive Grazing Management Plan
  • Animals kept out of waterways
  • Forage and biomass planting
  • On-farm breeding