Our Known & Grown farmers demonstrate their commitment to protecting our environment through their conservation practices.

Synthetic chemicals associated with conventional agriculture pollute the air, water, and soil which negatively impacts biodiversity and human health. Known and Grown farmers choose to manage their crops in ways that feed microbes and sequester carbon in the soil, providing fresh nutritious food to the community while protecting the environment.

Conservation Practices

  • Conservation Crop Rotation
  • Use Cover Crops
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Water Conservation
  • Nutrient Management Plan
  • No Till
  • Riparian Herbaceous Cover
  • Buffer Strips against Drift
  • Manage Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plan
  • Drip Irrigation

Requirements for Crops

Must be within 150 miles of St Louis (special considerations can be made)

No synthetic chemicals. All inputs must be either NOP or OMRI listed, made on farm, or purchased from another K&G, Certified Organic, or Certified Naturally Grown farmer.

Farmers near farms that use synthetic chemicals must create an adequate buffer to prevent drift.

Golden Beet

The Golden Beet is our designation for farms that go above and beyond the standards for joining Known & Grown STL.