“Returning America’s original landscape!”

We are the reinvention of our 61 year old family farm. After 5 years of rebuilding, our bison began arriving in the Fall of 2019. Our bees arrived the following Spring.

We raise and treat our animals with kindness and respect. We believe “Nice Tastes Right”. We respect Mother Nature and we use the Signs of the Moon for planting and animal management. We believe these efforts will result in obvious quality in our meat and honey products.

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Klondike Road, DeSoto, MO 63020

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We conduct 12 farm tours per year.

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Peggy Ladd




More about our Farm

Farm Size

150 acres

Herd Size

  • 1 breeding bull
  • 20 cows & heifers
  • 10 bulls

Colony Size

  • 15 hives


  • Bison (by the half, quarter, or cuts)
  • Honey
  • Bee nucs
  • Beeswax products

Animal Feed

Bison: pasture supplemented with alfalfa pellets, non-GMO soy hulls, and hay (finishes on pasture before butchering)


Bison: rotate through 9 paddocks

Conservation Practices

  • Nutrient Management Plan
  • Grazing Management Plan
  • Access Control
  • Forage and biomass planting

Additional Practices

  • Does not use cattle prods
  • Allows for self-weaning
  • Planting native warm season grasses