“I am constantly amazed with the benefits and uses of hemp from its medicinal properties, to building material, and even soil detoxification!”

Go We Bee Weed Farms is a 5 acre hemp farm dedicated to growing hemp organically and managing land in ways that are consistent with organic principles. While I am new at growing hemp, I have researched the practices thoroughly and found good support to assist me along the way from folks like Understand Ag and the Missouri Hemp Trade Organization. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of hemp and its various uses such as relief from arthritis pain and nausea, as a fiber and building material, and as a soil detoxifier. It’s also naturally pest resistant and takes only 3-4 months to reach maturity from the time of planting.

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9000 W Sontag, Rocheport, MO 63119

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Katie O’Hara



More about my Farm

Farm Size

5 acres


  • Hemp for oil and fiber
  • Soaps
  • Lotions

Conservation Practices

  • Rain catchment system
  • Crop rotation
  • Cover crops
  • Permanent buffers to reduce erosion and runoff
  • Integrated Pest Management Plan

Other Practices

  • Excess plant material used as mulch
  • Regular soil tests
  • Organic seeds
  • Seed saving