Did you know over a billion pounds of pumpkins end up in landfills every year following Halloween? That’s a scary statistic! 🎃

Organic waste in landfills do not break down properly and create excess methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Here are 5 ways to keep your pumpkins out of landfills:

1. Compost your pumpkins at home

If you compost in your backyard, then you already know what to do. You can also place them in your garden, flower bed, or behind a shed to break down naturally, feed the life in the soil, and create organic matter for better soil.

2. Composting services

Residential or municipal composting services are a better way to dispose of your pumpkin waste than in a landfill where they can’t break down naturally and create excess methane. For residential composting pick up, check with companies like New Earth Farm. During the month of November, you can also drop your pumpkins off for free at multiple sites in St Louis including:

  • STL Composting, Nov 2-14: Drop off pumpkins in the Total Organics Recycling totes at the Valley Park, MO or Belleville, IL locations.
  • Earthday365, Nov 1-30: Drop off in the yellow bins at the Earthday365 office (4125 Humphrey St) or the back parking pad at North Newstead Association (4601 Pope Ave.). 
  • Feed the People Garden Project: Drop off by the shed at 3964 Walsh St.

3. Feed the wildlife

If your pumpkins are still in decent condition (not moldy), they can be broken up into smaller pieces and used to feed wildlife like squirrels, possums, deer, and raccoons.

4. Feed your local farm animals

If your pumpkins are still in decent condition (not moldy), they can be fed to farm animals for a nutritious treat. Check with your local farmers to see if you can drop your pumpkins off at the farm. Use our Local Food Locator to find a Known & Grown farmer near you!

5. Create a special tradition

Close out the halloween season by giving your pumpkin a special burial. Dig a hole in your yard and bury your pumpkin. Worms and other critters will break it down and create more fertile soil.

Have fun and keep the environment safe this Spooky Season!

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