Known & Grown selected 7 recipients to award funds for projects in North St Louis that develop or improve environmental stewardship practices for their farms or gardens.

Congratulations to our 2023 recipients!

These microgrants are made possible by the Building Resilient Inclusive Communities (BRIC) program. Additional funding from A.C.R.E.S. (Agriculture for Community Restoration, Economic Justice, & Sustainability) allowed us to expand our micro-grants further to the following organizations. Thank you, A.C.R.E.S!

Odds and Ends Farm

Tony TNT Gardening

Brown Sugar Homestead

Sun Ministries – Harvest Field Project


Coahoma Orchards and Educational Garden

Rehbein Foundation Farm

Bustani Ya Upenda

Missouri Coalition for the Environment developed the Known & Grown STL program to build a resilient, equitable food community by supporting and promoting farmers within 150 miles of St. Louis that demonstrate environmental stewardship through humane and chemical-free farming practices. 

Historically underserved farmers are integral to a resilient and equitable food community. However they face many barriers to success in adopting good environmental practices and running a farming business in general. The goal of these micro-grants is to assist farmers in North St Louis in developing or improving environmental stewardship practices. The projects that will be implemented are diverse and include conservation practices such as water management, alternative energy use, pollination assistance, perennial tree establishment, bird habitat establishment, and soil remediation.

Stay tuned for highlights about each project!

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