Did you know? We have some amazing restaurants, grocery stores, caterers and other food businesses that purchase products from Known & Grown Farmers to stock their shelves and create their menus.

What’s so important about buying local? Supporting small businesses in our community helps foster diversity, maintains community character, and promotes a resilient local economy. Roughly 67¢ for every dollar spent locally on small businesses stays in the local economy†. Small business commercial neighborhoods also improve environmental impact by creating walkable communities thus reducing automobile use.

Nothing builds relationships better than sharing food with one another whether it’s a home-cooked meal with fresh, local ingredients or a chef’s creation (without having to do dishes). So let’s support these local, small businesses and eat good food together.

†2018 Small Business Economic Impact Study


  1. 1
    Michael Spencer on June 7, 2023

    Super helpful to have this list!

  2. 2
    Teresa Hencke on June 7, 2023

    Love local food

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