“Sharingwood Farmstead is a dream come true for us and we hope that it will be a blessing to others as well.”

We create a safe and peaceful place for both our animals and our visitors where we can all live our best life.  We try to follow permaculture principles as much as possible– Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.  Our animals are loved and well cared for and visitors have often expressed that they love coming to our farmstead for classes and for visits.  The children who come to our Farmstead classes, where we learn about our animal husbandry, ecology, and folkways, are able to interact with nature freely– with supervision, but minimal structure beyond safety requirements.  They can play directly with the rabbits because they are in an open enclosure rather than cages, they can watch chickens foraging in the woods, pet friendly turkeys, explore the trails, and observe the natural behaviors of the goats, sheep, cows, and pigs.  It really is as close to a pastoral setting as we can provide while still maintaining the safety of the animals and people.  We love to teach and inspire and help people to reconnect with nature and where their food comes from.  And we love to provide healthy alternatives to our traditional grocery-store product offerings.

At Sharingwood Farmstead, we offer “Forest and Farm School” classes to children ages 2-18, where we learn about ecology, agriculture, and animal husbandry, and where we get out and explore and have fun in nature.  We also hold “Experiential Events” where you can learn to make cheese and butter, stargaze, throw hatchets, shoot arrows, press sorghum, and more.  Lastly, we sell a few wonderfully fresh products from our farm: raw cow milk and eggs, and cow milk beauty products!

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824 Riske Lane, Wentzville, MO

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“Forest and Farm School” – ages 2-18


Allison Toone




More about our Farm

Farm Size

7 acres

Herd/Flock/Colony Size

  • Cows: 1
  • Chickens: 40
  • Bees: 2 colonies


  • Raw Milk
  • Pasture-Raised Chicken Eggs
  • Pasture-Raised Duck Eggs
  • Rabbits
  • Soap
  • Breads

Animal Feed

  • Animals are fed conventional grain


  • Animals have free range of open spaces

Conservation Practices

  • Field Border
  • Animals fenced out of waterways
  • Grazing Management Plan

Additional Practices

Hands-on, educational classes in ecology, agriculture, and animal husbandry for children