• All product must be packaged in a clean container/box
    • Reusing boxes is acceptable
  • Boxes may be stacked, don’t overfill your boxes


  • All products must be labeled on the outside of the packaging (seesample label below)
  • Labels should include:
    • Your farm name
    • The buyers name
    • Contents/product
  • Make sure labels are securely attached to your packaging. Without a label we may not know who this product is from and where it needs to go.


  • You are responsible for sending invoices and collecting payment. If youchoose to send an invoice with your product, please make sure it is fully inside one of your boxes or attached to the outside of the box with a waterproof sleeve.
  • Do not send product that has not been ordered by a buyer
  • We will not be responsible for receiving or processing any paymentsfrom your buyers. You are responsible for receiving your own payments.


  • You are responsible for:
    • Scheduling your pickup with us
    • Coordinating with your buyer
    • Having your product boxed, labeled, and ready to go in time forpickup
  • We will provide you with an estimated delivery time that you cancommunicate with you buyer
    • Some deliveries might be the next day after pickup

Delivery Cost

  • For underserved farmers (BIPOC-owned, woman-owned, beginner, veteran, and limited resource) and for deliveries to low access neighborhoods, this service will be free.
  • For all other deliveries, a suggested rate of $5-40 depending on the distance from St Louis and amount of product will be applied. The suggested rates are as follows based on the distance to St Louis:
    • ≤10 miles: $5
    • 11-20 miles: $10
    • 21-45 miles: $20
    • 46-100 miles: $30
    • 101-200 miles: $40
  • Payments are made with cash, check, or soon available on Square. Payments are due at the time of service.


  • It is your responsibility to ensure the quality of your product. If a buyer refuses your product, we may not be able to return it to you in a timely manner.

Return of Items from Buyers

  • If you are utilizing reusable totes or any other item you wish to be returned to you, please make sure they are properly labeled with your name/farm name.
  • It is your responsibility to communicate with the driver to pick these items up and to coordinate their return to you.
  • Please note, while we may be able to return waxed cardboard boxes, we cannot guarantee it. 

For questions and to schedule a delivery email us at