Known & Grown exists to help farmers within the St. Louis foodshed spread the word about their practices, their products, and the principles that ground their work.

Known & Grown STL is a project of Missouri Coalition for the Environment, on behalf of the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition.

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Moy Mell Farm

“We believe well raised and well grown food is not only healthy for us and the environment, but also tastes better! “

“We enjoy growing all of our own food… and also providing food to our local community. We have a small raw milk dairy, apiary, organic market garden, and also raise Mangalitsa and Mangalitsa cross pigs. We engage in farming practices that enhance, rather than harm, our beautiful, natural landscape, and that will preserve this wonderful, mid-western farm that we call home for generations to come!”


367 Cedar Grove Lane New Haven, MO 63068

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Avant Gardens CSA

New Haven, MO

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A Look at Our Farm

More About Our Farm

Farm Size

40 acres, 1/2 for vegetable production

Conservation Practices

  • Crop rotation
  • Nutrient management plan
  • No-till
  • No synthetic chemicals on crops or pasture
  • Drip irrigation
  • Integrated pest management
  • Pollinator enhancement plan
  • Riparian herbaceous cover
  • Field border
  • Animals fenced out of waterways
  • Grazing management plan
  • No non-therapeutic farm drugs
  • Well ventilated beehives

Additional Practices

They make their own compost and buy organic seeds.

Herd Size

  • 4-8 cattle for beef
  • 4-8 cattle for milk
  • 2-3 sows, 1 boar, and 20 piglets per year
  • 6-8 hives

Animal Feed

Our animals are fed a non-GMO feed to supplement their pasture forage. 


Cattle are moved weekly and pigs are moved as needed – both have access to pasture.


  • Veggies
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Raw milk
  • Honey