Known & Grown exists to help farmers within the St. Louis foodshed spread the word about their practices, their products, and the principles that ground their work.

Known & Grown STL is a project of Missouri Coalition for the Environment, on behalf of the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition.

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Stuart Farm

“We raise cattle, hogs, and chicken with sustainable and humane practices. All of our livestock live on pasture and rotate to help maintain the soil’s health.”

“On the farm, the goal is to provide a happy and natural environment for the animals. With lots of sunshine, room to roam, and a natural diet, there is no need to medicate “just in case” with antibiotics. Whether it’s the cows, chickens, or bees, making sure they are happy and have the life they were meant to have is priority. All of the animals are treated with respect, kindness, and love. Chore time is used to observe the health of the animals, ensure their safety, give out pets, scratches, and treats, and to be amused by their never-ending antics.   Caring for the soil is just as important as caring for the animals.  The farm is a mix of pastures, bottomlands, woods, and native grasslands and are managed with the soil’s and animal’s health in mind.”

Visit Our Farm!


Mill Rock Rd
Gerald, Missouri

Visiting Hours

Tours available by appointment. Email Serena for details at: [email protected]

Shop with us.

Stuart Farm Store
5438 Mill Rock Road
Fridays from 11:00am-2:00pm – must order online first!

Wildwood Farmers Market
221 Plaza Dr, Grover, MO 63040
Saturday (8:00am–12:00pm) May-October

The Boulevard Farmers Market
1 The BoulevardRichmond HeightsMO 63117
Sunday (9:00am–11:00pm) May-October

Monthly pickups available
Wildwood and St. Louis
1st Saturday of the month – email Serena for details at: [email protected]

Contact us.

Serena Stuart
[email protected]

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A Look at Our Farm

More About Our Farm

Farm Size

Stuart Farm owns 7 acres, with access to an additional 120 acres

Conservation Practices

  • No synthetic chemicals on pasture
  • Integrated pest management
  • Nutrient management plan
  • Riparian herbaceous cover
  • Field borders
  • Fenced animals to keep them from entering waterways
  • Grazing management plan
  • No animal confinement
  • No antibiotics unless needed
  • Non GMO feed
  • No growth promotants

Additional Practices

  • Cows are allowed to naturally wean calves
  • Heritage breeds
  • Slow Food grant recipient
  • Zero waste butchery – difficult-to-sell parts are frozen for dog food or composted

Golden Beet

This farm meets our standards for the Golden Beet - our designation for excellence for exceptional Known & Grown farms.

Herd Size

100 chickens

600 broilers annually

4 sows, 1 boar, 20-24 pigs each year

26 cows

Animal Feed

Cattle are 100% grass fed and finished. The pigs and chickens are fed a non-GMO ration that is locally sourced and fermented on the farm prior to feeding.


Cattle peak grass season every 1-2 days. Broilers twice a day. Layers every 2-3 days. Hogs every 3-4 months.


  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Eggs