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Five Hen Farm

We are a family farm raising pastured poultry, eggs, and pork. 

“Five Hen Farm is a family-farm owned and operated by farmer Andrew Banks, Sarah Newman, and their 2 children Otto and Maeve. Five Hen Farm produces high-quality pasture raised pork, poultry, and eggs. Our animals are sustainably raised on rotated pasture and in open sunshine to produce happy, healthy animals. We value providing wholesome and nutritious food to our family, friends, and neighbors while eating simply and seasonally.

We participate in the Neighborhhod CoOp Farm Crawl every September hosting an average of 110 people out to the farm. We also host tours for schools, Cub Scout packs, inquisitive customers, and local cabin/B&B guests in the area. We have also hosted Food Works Field Days and donate to local not for profits and community organizations.

Our products are also on the menu of 2 restaurants in Carbondale: Keeper’s Quarters and Global Gourmet.”

“Rotation and rest are the 2 most effective tools we have for growing soil and raising healthy poultry and livestock.”

Visit Our Farm!


1030 Gurley Loop
Buncombe, IL 62912

Visiting Hours

Our farm store is open by appointment 7 days a week.

Shop with us.

Online store

On-farm store on Fridays from 1-6pm or by appointment.

LEAF Food Hub
Order Friday-Tuesday to get Thursday Deliveries

Carbondale Farmer’s Market

Saturdays 8:00am–12:00pm

Carbondale Community Farmer’s Market

Saturdays 9:00am–12:00pm

Contact us.

Andrew Banks

Sarah Newman

[email protected]

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More About Our Farm

Farm Size

84 acres

Herd Size

  • 3,500 broilers 
  • 500 laying hens  
  • 600 ducks
  • 300 turkeys
  • 25 hogs
  • 10 sheep

Conservation Practices

  • Fence out of waterways
  • Access control
  • Field border
  • Forage and biomass planting
  • Riparian herbaceous cover
  • No synthetic growth hormones for animals
  • Animal access to pasture/forage
  • Pigs do not have nose rings or docked tails
  • Heritage breed of pigs (Berkshire and Hereford)
  • Heritage breeds of egg-laying chickens, including: Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, and more
  • Chickens are never debeaked



“Our laying hens are rotated 1-2 times per week, depending on the season and forage available. Broiler chickens are moved daily, hogs are rotated every 1-3 weeks, depending on what our goals are for their impact on the land as well as forage available. Turkeys and ducks are rotated weekly. All animals (except broilers) are raised within electrified net fencing; broilers are raised in field shelters called chicken tractors. All housing is mobile, built on skids or trailers, to move with the animals throughout the season.”

Animal Feed

“All of our animals are fed a non-GMO feed to supplement their pasture forage. The grain is grown and milled within 100 miles of our farm (Jackson, MO).”


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  • pork
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